IVR & Call Queues

What is an IVR Menu?

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response or Auto-Attendant) is a spoken menu allowing automatic call routing based on a users’ input using DTMF.

What is a Call Queue?

A Call Queue is the same as a Hunt Group and contains selected extensions or numbers to ring for incoming calls.

The difference between the two is a Queue will “stack” your callers in a Queue with the ability to play periodic messages, hold times & positions.

Why use an IVR?

Using an IVR has many benefits, including improving customer experience and increasing productivity by ensuring callers are routed to the correct person or department first time.

An IVR can be personalised to your company by having your own custom messages uploaded to match your branding.

Why use a Call Queue?

Using a Queue keeps your callers organised, waiting to be answered by your agents.

Having announcements, hold times and positions shows professionalism and that your company cares about its callers.

IVR – Complete Automation

An IVR can be set up to allow complete automation for your callers, including taking payments, obtaining information such as opening hours, prices and further contact details.

Creating Efficiency

An IVR will make your business more efficient, reducing the need for a receptionist to answer calls and transfer to the correct extension or department as your caller will be selecting the option they require to transfer themselves there instead.

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