IT Support & Maintenance

Not All IT Solution Providors are created the same!!

  • We build our IT services around the needs and usage of your business. We are extremely proactive and service driven.
  • Unlike the majority of our competitors, we calculate our suport premiums based upon consumption models, irrespective of how many staff or PCs you have. The fewer requests / support tickets, the lower your premium will be.
  • Why should a 40 user company pay any more for their support if they log the same amount of requests as a different company half the size. We think that's unfair and unjust.

The TD Support Package

Tarka Digital Managed Services

In addition to our support services, we also offer a package of professional managed services at subsidised rates. Our managed services are designed to help you improve productivity. With our managed services we can tailor our services to the individual requirements of each of our customers, meaning that you will only pay for what you actually need.

The following managed services and prices are available upon request.

Managed TDBackup

TarkaDigital can provide a fully managed backup solution to protect your business critical data. We will design (with your help, as you know what documents etc need securing), implement, monitor, support and upgrade your system as required. We use the latest Cloud technology. Our backup solution ensures security of your data, by using the market leading AES encryption. Ensuring safe and reliable backups will allow efficient recovery of your data, should any infection occur or even worse your system being stolen or irretrievable due to fire. 

Managed AntiVirus

TarkaDigital provides a fully managed antivirus solution to protect your servers, desktops, laptops and tablets. Utilising award winning antivirus software your hardware will be protected against viruses, worms, spyware, bots, trojons and other malware. Managed centrally, our antivirus solution does dot impact processing speeds. The system starts automatic scans and updates, that ensure the system is at full optimisation at all times and the relevant action is taken should a threat be discovered.

Managed PatchManagement

TarkaDigital provides a fully managed pach management solution to keep your systems up to date. We will make sure your software is patched to protect you against security threats. Patching software will ensure that your networks are protected and devices secured.

For more information or to get your quote, please contact us on 0800 1700 625

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