Hosted VoIP

Our Hosted VoIP Solution is the best choice for businesses looking to upgrade their communications without the need for huge upfront costs, ongoing support and maintenance fees and any hardware to be stored on-site.

Instead, we run the platform in the cloud, on high-speed servers, in a secure data centre for maximum performance and security. The only hardware required are the telephones themselves, however you can also use our softphone and mobile apps.

There are no ongoing maintenance fees, as all support and upgrades are included in your monthly rental charges.

Reliable Network & Backbone

Our network is built for uptime and resilience; this ensures that your reliance on the telephone in your business is not compromised at any time. If you have a problem with the internet connectivity at your site, our intelligent platform sees this fail and automatically routes calls to mobile numbers or outside numbers to ensure you never miss a call.

Colour Screen Handsets

Our handsets range from entry level to executive depending on your requirements, all handsets have many benefits including easy access to many features on the Hosted Telephony platform. Including DND, Speed Dials, Directory, Coloured Lamps to identify when a colleague is on the phone, hot desking and call forwarding all at the touch of a button plus so many more.

Easy Online Management

Our online portal allows you to view your telephone setup, and with a few clicks of a button you are able to easily divert calls, access information such as voicemail, call recordings, call history and the ability to view live call information for performance monitoring. The portal allows full management and control over every aspect of your VoIP account.

Virtual Numbers

Get a Virtual Number for your business, side project, or freelance work to keep your personal life separate.

Setup “Holiday Mode” for your number to re-route your calls while you are away.

Divert your Number to multiple destinations to ensure it’s answered.

Use your virtual number in place of your personal mobile or home phone so you can keep your personal life, personal.

Mobile SIMs

We provide an alternative solution to dealing with mobile carriers directly. We offer a range of competitively-priced mobile data SIMs, including unique products you can’t buy from the carriers. One of our most popular products is our multi-network EU/US M2M roaming SIM with pooled data options, managed within our unique, easy to use, management portal.

Our multi-network SIMs connect to the strongest available signal and retain connectivity when multiple carrier networks fail.

Our solution competes well with retail pricing, offers a lot more flexibility and control, and has eliminated overage charges. There is only one supplier to contract with and a single portal for ordering and management of all your SIMs.

Music on Hold

Music on Hold, or MoH for short, is quickly becoming a standard service for small and medium businesses that want to project a professional image. Naturally, a business wants to maximise the possibility of a sale with every call they receive and MoH helps to prime your callers, inform them and keep them engaged until a member of staff can answer the phone.

“Did you know that 90% of callers will hang up if confronted with silence?”

“88% of callers prefer on-hold productions to other alternatives”

“20% of callers that hear MoH will make a purchasing decision based on the information they hear”

You’re busy running a business, and taking calls takes time. So we o?er you everything from a simple answering service all the way up to an outsourced Call Centre.

That means better service for your customers and gives you the time you need to grow and manage your core business.

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